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Stereotypes About Reverse Vasectomy That Aren’t Always True

You’ve made that decision so you want somebody that is fellowship trained this is critical the explosion of medical knowledge in this country over the last thirty years is so great as is the explosion in surgical techniques that you want somebody that truly specializes in whatever procedure that you’re doing it’s really difficult these days to be somebody.

That has no post surgical post vasectomy reversal residency training and doing such a highly specialized operation so if you go to someone that’s fellowship trained you know not only they have the academic credentials to do the right work up the appropriate workup but also the surgical credentials to give you the best possible outcome so ask it’s an easy question to ask to make sure they’re.

Board-certified neurologists and get an idea for your comfort level with that that person you also want them to be knowledgeable in endocrinology as we talked about I can do a great operation put a guy back together perfectly but if I’m not managing his hormones that they’re responsible for sperm production then he may not be getting the adequate care he needs so you want somebody not only comfortable in the operating room but comfortable in the exam room and the clinic to optimize your outcomes you got.

To have somebody that’s available and willing to follow up and willing to make sure they’re gonna go the extra mile to get you pregnant after that procedure it’s not just about the time in the operating room very important to have follow-up and obviously somebody that has that does a lot of these and that has a good reputation both in the community and essentially nationwide and then also getting back to making sure that you’re not just going to a vasectomy reversal factory where everybody that walks in that has a vasectomy gets a reversal in our good medicine not what you should do you should go to somebody that can counsel you and really give you the best possible procedure and best.

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