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Ways Houston Movers Can Improve Your Business

crews first task Houston movers is to place the large inch main beams underneath the barn these beams weigh , pounds apiece and one wrong move when manipulating this extreme weight could be deadly Jay why bring that in back the level intensity is up right now we’ve kicked it up a notch and we’re getting ready to load this thing on wheels and the intensity will stay like.

This until we’re at the other end move that lean back we’ll get back my dad gets all huffy you know cuss this is really dangerous you know and I understand but sometimes it gets taken out on me because I’m the youngest you know or again the main beams are inserted below the cross beams providing support for the entire load so James the main beams are chained together.

To keep them from spreading apart look at the beams and everything’s play straight my wheels will be straight and I’ll be able to go straight down the road if I put my beams crooked then I’ll be going crooked down the road let’s get them Jackson I want this on the wheels in an hour well we got to get up high enough flip the truck and put the wheels under whatever that is couple feet okay without warning the barn tilts to one side why’d that chip like that was one end.

Higher than the other back here just slid on the top of the jacks okay but was one end higher than the other if that was a tiny high I think you’re higher over on that in and that’s why it came out of so we need to keep everything real level here okay yeah.

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