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Reliable Sources To Learn About Air Conditioning

from the AC unit that failed this is my new capacitor this is actually my spare but it’s exact same as the one as I have running in the air-conditioning unit right at this moment and you know basically I want to talk a little bit about the meter because you need if you’re going to test these with a meter you need one capable of doing it the cheaper meters.

I found like you know they under $ meters don’t have the capacitance range to actually test these capacitors they’ll go up to micro farad’s but these are micro farad capacitors so you need one that can actually do that this one’s range is up to micro farad so it’s excellent this is the mastic to and I got to sit amazon for $ and can’t say enough nice things about this meter it’s an excellent meter I don’t think I’ll ever need anything else you.

know as far as a multi meter goes but you know I have several anyway but this one covers most bases very very well for bucks I don’t think you can beat it and I’ll put a link to it in my video description if you want to AC compressor and a . micro farad capacitor built into the same unit for the fans so it’s a dual capacitor you need to know those specs then you notice here it says volts so it has to be a volt capable capacitor if it doesn’t say that check with the manufacturer the specs is plus or minus so those values can be up or can vary on this capacitor by each way.

Hertz that’s the electrical current in my wall right now which is American American Standard ACS it’s in the sixty Hertz and so it meets that and then it says protected okay so it has to be a protected capacitor because there’s no other the protection needs to be inside this capacitor for it to work.

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